What is fishing all about and what are the qualities of a Striper Fish?

Fishing is all about the passion or a hobby. Some people adopt it as the profession as there are a number of people in the world who are non-vegetarians and eat fish in their meals. Fish also have different types and have different tastes. Some fish are edible, but still people catch them to have them at their homes and love them.  The Striper fishes are one of those niches present in the sea water. The striper fish is also known as the Striped bass or the rock fish. These fishes are usually silver in color and belong to Moronidae family. These are named as stripes because they have longitudinal marks of stripes on the body that runs from the backs of gills to the tail base. These types of fish are present in the sea from Canada to the Florida.

Description of Stripers:

The stripers are easily identified because of its long body shape, the silvery sides, the black strips on the body, and the pale olive back of the body. When you focus on one stripe on the body of the fish, you will notice that it runs along with the lateral line of the fish. These stripes are usually 7 to 8 in number.

Another important point about the fish is that, it contains tooth patches right at the back side of the tongue. Along with this, there are also two sharp edges on the gill covers. Each gill cover has two of them. The maximum size of the fish is only 200 cm while its average weight 57 kg. According to an estimation and average, the life of a striper is usually 30 years.

The Striper’s Habitat:

The striper has awesome habitat and it has ability to live in both types of water that is salty water or the fresh water. In most of the times, these fishes can be seen in the fresh water because they have to come to fresh water to complete their life cycle. In their adult age times, they used to go to the oceans and live there.


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